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Transylvaliens Festival Landing in Arad

The Transylvaliens Festival is not just an open-air gathering, but a space in which cultural diversity, modern art and music and future thinking can coexist in full harmony with the wonderful natural environment of Transylvania, the heart of the Carpathian Garden.

Transylvaliens Festival 2014 was the first edition of a series of yearly events which aim to bring together participants from all over the world in order to meet together and spend four days surrounded by a variety of modern and futuristic art forms (psychedelic trance music, visual art, paintings, theater shows and many more).


AMARIS AGNI (Juggling Opening Ceremony)

DA PEACE (Suntrip Records/Chaotic Beats)

NONI GROOVE (Live Instrumental Show)

PH (Goa.hu)

PSYLEV (Transylvaliens Festival)

LYGOS (Transylvaliens Festival)

Support : 15 Ron


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